17 July – Catch the StuffCentral podcast from Gareth Cliff’s CliffCentral here


Stuff has something fairly new on the go. So new, in fact, that you may have missed it.

Allow us to introduce you to StuffCentral, an occurrence on Gareth Cliff’s CliffCentral that will feature Stuff Magazine’s Toby Shapshak (and maybe a few of the more hidden team members) talking about all things tech, gaming and generally digital. The first broadcast took place yesterday so you might have missed it taking place but that’s okay.

We’ve got the podcast of the first edition of StuffCentral here so you catch up on what was discussed. Look out for more in future. If you’d like to download the podcast, just hit the download link.

17 Jul – Toby Shapshak, Jon Tullet and Duncan McLeod chat to Martin Bizior about the eeziFone and mobile phone trends

From: CliffCentral


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