Modular phone Project Ara will have developer boards shipping soon


Google’s Project Ara modular phone continues to move towards a viable product, though we have yet to see an actual demonstration take place other than the Google I/O presentation that had a sort of working unit shown to developers. But devs are set to get a more concrete example of what Ara is capable of when developer units are shipped out to those who have requested them later this month.

The test kits are running some fairly creaky smartphone hardware, which will likely be upgraded as time goes by, but obviously Google thinks that early-stage tests don’t need anything much punchier to start with. There are plans afoot for multiple processors with a later hardware release, reports Ars Technica.

Google hasn’t mentioned what it will cost developers, if anything, to get their hands on a Project Ara prototype to play with but they are still taking applications from interested parties (link) and it looks like they’re open to sending the hardware to most countries. Local devs, take note. The current review period for applications ends tomorrow, 16 July, while the second will conclude on 17 August.

Source: Ars Technica


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