Crowdfunding a cat feeder with facial recognition? Why not


Cats and the internet go hand-in-hand so it shouldn’t be too surprising that cat-based technology is on the way. Like what, you ask? How about an automatic cat feeder that relies on feline facial recognition in order to give munchies to Mittens?

That’s the idea behind Bistro, a project that is being funded on IndieGoGo at the moment. Bistro uses a scale, camera and automatic feeder – along with an app – to detect which cat is standing by waiting to be fed. The system is able to track the weight of your feline, recognise which of your cats (should you have a few) is requesting nourishment based on its facial characteristics and will even let you watch it eating remotely on your mobile device. Perfect for extended holidays when kitteh is home alone.

Of course, this also means you’d be able to regulate your cat’s weight and food intake using the app as well as maybe, just maybe, stop those neighbour cats from scoffing all of Fluffy’s food when you’re not looking. Based on the pitch video below, there’s also some kind of feline social network in the works. That’s an idea that’s just made for the internet.

At the time of writing, the Bistro has secured around 20% of the $100,000 that the creators are looking for to make the feeder a reality. You can secure one of your very own from $150 (R1,610), plus a fair chunk extra for shipping to South Africa.

Source: IndieGoGo via Engadget


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