Will Nvidia’s Android gaming tablet also play PC titles?


A few days ago we heard the first rumour rumblings about a forthcoming Nvidia Shield gaming tablet. Well, now the BBC has weighed in with some lofty claims about the device – the most interesting of which is that it’ll be able to play PC games.

The BBC report claims the tablet will run on Android but be able to play graphically advanced PC games by wirelessly linking up to a computer. It’s thought, however, that the computer will need a powerful (and pricey) Nvidia graphics card.

The catch is…

It sounds as if the system is essentially a tweaked version of the existing GeForce Experience, a setup that allows US and Canada-based owners of the Nvidia Shield to stream PC games to their device. Currently, these owners will need to be running a PC equipped with one of the following Nvidia GPUs: GeForce Titan, GTX 700, GTX 600, GTX 800M, GTX 700M or certain GTX 600M models.

The tablet will also be able to run Android games natively, of course. The BBC also claims it’ll run on Nvidia’s beefy new Tegra K1 processor (which comes with a 192-core GPU powerful enough to run Unreal Engine 4 games) and that the company will offer a “budget-priced” controller add-on.

We’ll keep you posted on any further developments in this story.

Source: BBC


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