Privatize your Twitter links, so only those you name in a tweet can open them


Twitter is hardly a private service, unless you lock down your profile so severely that just about nobody is able to view it. While that might be a good idea at times, it’s not feasible in most cases. But there’s a new web service available, called Privatize, that gives Twitter users the option to send mostly-secret links to followers.

How Privatize works is that you’ll log into the service, using your Twitter credentials, and then specify which link you want to be kept secret. You’ll also specify which follower is able to access the link and Privatize does the rest, including posting the tweet to your timeline.

According to the company, the service works in a similar manner to sending a DM to another user, the difference being that you can actually send links. Just the person mentioned in the tweet will be able to open the link in this instance.

It’s not wholly secure at present so, as The Next Web points out, don’t go overboard with your secretive sending just yet. Still, it’s a very nice addition to your Twitter arsenal.

Source: The Next Web


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