An update on Hexo+ autonomous drone’s Kickstarter campaign – It’s over $1 million


About a month ago we saw that the Hexo+ drone, a little programmable photographer that is able to follow the user and shoot whatever they’re up to, was doing rather well on Kickstarter. At the time we predicted that they’d manage to nail their stretch goal on the crowdfunding service, which would mean that they had managed to go well over their initial asking sum of $50,000 and break the $1 million mark.

Well, with just hours to go before the Kickstarter terminates, they’ve definitely done it. At the time of writing, the Hexo+ has received backing to the tune of $1,25 million which has enabled the drone’s creators to implement their stretch goal. What could be better than a drone that is able to follow and film a motorcycle backflip attempt without needing guidance?

A whole new design upgrade, since Hexo+’s creators now have access to “… very talented engineers, industrial designers, UX and UI designers, that we will bring on board to take HEXO+ to the next level of usability – again, based on your feedback.”

Oh yeah, and the Hexo+ drone’s Kickstarter units will also be shipping internationally, for a flat rate of $50 (R540) so this is your last chance to get in on the ground floor (link) . Funding ends today.

16/9/2014 – Updated with new links.

Source: Digital Trends


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