Sony’s Xperia Z3 leaks, with apparent specs and images (briefly) available


A smartphone, with images and some basic specifications, that is claimed to be a prototype of Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z3 handset, surfaced online over the weekend. The details were posted on the Baidu Tieba website, a Chinese outlet. The handset is apparently the L55t version of Sony’s as-yet unannounced device, which features LTE.

The specs for the prototype, which have since been pulled from their original location online, show that the Xperia Z3 will be an incremental update. The handset see runs a Snapdragon 801 processor, an improvement on the Z2, and it runs Android 4.4.4 while the rest of the specifications are still quite a mystery.

The size probably won’t be changing based on the images seen (you can view most of them at the source link below), so expect a 5.2-inch display from Sony’s next flagship. Another thing that looks to be remaining constant will be the 20.7MP camera that was featured in the Xperia Z2. There is, as Engadget notes, a chance that this is also just a regional variation of the Xperia Z2 intended for China. We’ll look to official sources before calling this one.

Source/Image: Engadget


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