Smart bullets? DARPA’s EXACTO project is on the case


Smart weaponry is a staple of fiction, be it science or action-based content but the world of fiction is being caught up by reality. We’ve seen what TrackingPoint, manufacturer of smart firearms, is capable of but DARPA is looking to take smart guns to the next level by introducing the world to guided bullets.

The video above is part of a live-fire test of .50-caliber bullets that have been turned into tiny little guided missiles. They’ve escaped the bullet categorisation by having their flight paths altered while in-flight, allowing them to strike a target that wasn’t being directly aimed at.

The technology is being developed for American military snipers, in order to increase their effectiveness in the face of unforeseen circumstances, like wind, a targeted moving at an inopportune moment and other factors. Still, bullets swerving in flight – that’s something very unusual. For now.

Source: The Verge


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