Amazon Japan jumps the gun and reveals vital iPhone 6 information


Amazon’s recently getting famous for all the wrong reasons – first it listed the Mass Effect 4 video game well ahead of its actual launch, and now the online retail giant has unofficially divulged information about the iPhone 6 on its Japanese site.

The iPhone 6 made a surprise emergence on the website even though Apple has yet to disclose anything about its upcoming flagship phone. Not like it has managed to stifle the plenty of rumours making their rounds in the tech world.

What Amazon Japan disclosed were the model, availability, and dimensions of the iPhone 6. According to Amazon Japan, the unit will be up for grabs as of 30th September, slapped with a price tag of 139,999 Japanese Yen.


That is the price you’ll be forking out for the 4.7in 64GB model, assuming Amazon Japan is correct. The general belief amongst people is that the smartphone will ship in two variants – one in 4.7in, and the other in 5.5in. Even though the 4.7in smartphone made an unannounced debut, there was no mention of the 5.5in unit on the website.

It also revealed that the Phone 6 will measure 130 x 65 x 7mm, and weigh 113g, supporting hearsay that the upcoming iPhone will sport a thinner frame when pitted against the 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm iPhone 5s.

Is Amazon Japan a credible, albeit accidental, enough source for you to believe its claim? We’ll find out soon in September.

Source: Load the Game


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