Jaguar Land Rover creates concept that should beam driving data directly to your windshield


Land Rover has made moves towards “Smart Glass” windshields in the past, and now it seems that the concept is getting some more attention.

Their Virtual Windscreen concept is able to project hazard, speed and navigation graphics on the windshield, which translates into giving the driver a racing line and braking guidance. The Virtual Windscreen can also show simulated cars or cones for training purposes, and it also has a gesture control in its future, which should cut down on button mashing.

According to the company’s Director of Research and Technology, Dr. Wolfgang Epple, “The system is currently being tested on a number of features including sunblinds, rear wipers and satellite navigation maps. It has the potential to be on sale within the next few years.”

It all does sound very cool, but no word if the concept will see commercial application, but we may dream.

Check out the vid to see the Virtual Windscreen concept in action.

Source: Engadget


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