Vertu and Bentley join forces on luxury smartphone


After previously making Ferrari-branded handsets, luxury smartphone maker Vertu has switched lanes to forge an all-British alliance with Bentley.

The companies are teaming up on a five-year partnership to create a line of co-branded luxury smartphones. Over the course of the collaboration you can expect a total of five different (and doubtless incredibly expensive) phone designs to hit the market, with the first Vertu for Bentley planned for October this year and offering exclusive Bentley content via an app.

All we know about the phones as of now is that they’ll be ultra luxurious, what with both brands being known for their attention to craftsmanship and fine materials. However, with Vertu’s track record, we’re not sure if they’ll turn out to be revolutionary telecommunications devices or simply status symbols. If we’re being honest, it’s probably going to be the latter. However, if the upcoming designs are based on Vertu’s latest Signature Touch, it might not be a complete failure as a smartphone.

We’ll let you know when more details of this mysterious phone is revealed. Watch this space.


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