Backtracker wants to have your back when you’re cycling


iKubu, a South African company has designed a tracking system that is aimed at reducing at least some of the dangers all cyclists face when they are on the road, in this case, being hit from behind.

The solution iKubu came up with is called the Backtracker, a system that will help cyclists track approaching objects through radar. The Backtracker consists of two devices fitted on your bike, the radar goes to the back of your seat and an LED indicator is mounted on your handlebars. The indicator provides info on approaching objects, and gives users visual info on how fast vehicles are approaching, and gives warning if you should make sure that you get out of the way.

iKubu has turned to crowdfunding to launch the Backtracker, and backers can expect to pay about R1600 for the complete system. The project has received R306 277 (at time of writing), which is just more than one-tenth of the way to their funding goal of R2 414 000 ($226 000).

The project still has 45 days to go, and you can go check it out here.

Source: Dragon Innovation via Gizmodo


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