Apple gets patent for all-glass iOS devices, TVs and Monitors


The folks at Apple insider have unearthed a patent awarded to Apple that will allow the company to start what looks like another aesthetic revolution, namely Apple products encased in all-glass housings.

Called “fused-glass” housings, on the patent, the new approach by Apple is supposedly made to offer new products that are lightweight, durable and as always, aesthetically pleasing.

The obvious concern is still one of durability, and according to the patent, Apple will fuse permanently fuse together thick pieces of planar glass, which will be thinned out as needed, resulting in a strong and permanent encasing. Further steps to insure a robust product include fusing raised glass features to weakpoints in the housings, and also the use of ribs placed inside the housing to protect against stress fractures.

So far further details are on the vague side, with one part of the patent noting a completely transparent design, while a later section mentions how the bottom part of the housing can be tinted to hide the battery and other components.

So far no word is out on whether we’ll actually get to see any glass Apples in the future, or if this is just an experiment by Apple, which may never see the light of day.

As always, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Source: Apple Insider via Digital Trends

Image Source: Apple Insider


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