Mercedes-Benz unveil their take on a self driving vehicle – a truck on the Autobahn


Last Friday, Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, helped to further ensure that we’ll see self-driving cars in our future when they unveiled a self-driving truck.

Best of all the unveiling took place on the Autobahn, and the truck, called the Future Truck 2025, was able to drive itself at high speeds on the famous motorway.

The Future Truck 2025 uses a system called Highway Pilot, which allows a human driver to switch between autonomous and human-controlled driving.

The Highway Pilot employs various technologies to do its driving, namely a vehicle-to-vehicle communication, lateral radar that can be found on both sides of the truck, short- and long range radar and stereo camera, all mounted just beneath its windshield.

Check out the vid to see the Future Truck 2025 in action.

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Source: Mashable


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