DJI Phantom update adds autonomous flight, Ground Station


If you are one of those folks lucky enough to have a DJI Phantom 2 Vision or Phantom 2 Vision+ drone, you’re never going to lose it. DJI have launched an updated version of the Android and iOS apps used to control the flying marvel which adds a whole new feature, called Ground Station.

Ground Station is an interesting addition, one that allows users to pre-plot a flight with either of the two high-end drone that can have up to sixteen waypoints. The company has also given the drone the ability to ‘Go Home’ at the touch of a button, returning to its point of origin by itself, provided the drone has more that 30% of its battery life left.

The update also brings a distance limit to the tablet, so it’ll be able to move a total of 5km around a radius of 500 meters from the Ground Station, or pilot. There’s also a max altitude of 200 meters, so you probably won’t lose your hardware on a pre-programmed flight if something goes wrong.



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