A robot will park your car for you at the airport – in Germany, where else?


Normally going to the airport is an experience riddled with many challenges, and parking is normally right up there with the big ones. Unless, that is, you live close by Düsseldorf airport (DUS).

The airport has implemented a ParkingPlus robotic forklift system, called Ray, that will take your car and store if for you in the back-area of the complex, that has 249 parking spots.

The system is even tied in with the airport’s flight data system, which means that Ray can access your flight details and know when you will be returning. If you have to change your itinerary, you can let Ray know via its app, which is available on iOS and Android.

Check out the concept vid if you want to see how Ray goes about his business. Do note that the video is in German, if you suddenly feel lost after you click it.

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Source: Mashable


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