Meet the HummingBoard, a new mini-computer along the lines of the Raspberry Pi


Wildly popular miniature computer, the Raspberry Pi, has competition on the way. That would be the HummingBoard, a mini-PC that has the same form factor as the UK-founded Pi, which is aimed at the same hobbyist market as the most recognisable small computer available these days.

The ARM-powered HummingBoard is available for pre-order from a company called SolidRun. It’ll run users between $45 (R490) and $100 (R1,080), not counting shipping and there are three models available from SolidRun for users to toy with.

The base model, the HummingBoard-i1, has the fewest features and ships with a mere 512MB of RAM while the two larger versions, the i2 and the i2eX, including everything from SATA-2 support to infra-red remote control functionality built in. Because you know that these mini-machines are going to make some very compact home-made media centres in the near future. We’ll take two.

Source: via Gizmodo


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