Building the perfect toast using technology


Everyone likes toast at some point. Maybe you’re feeling ill and toast and eggs are all you can eat, maybe you just have some old bread in the house and you feel like something crunchy to munch. But everyone feels the attraction of a perfect piece of toast. Unfortunately everyone’s version of ‘perfect’ varies, veering from ‘warm bread’ to ‘encased in carbon’ and the typical toaster doesn’t allow for that perfect setting. Unless you’re watching it with an eagle-eye.

Until now, that is. A British company called Dualit has two new toasters with more intelligence baked in than is possessed by the average toaster.

The pair of four-slice toasters make use of an algorithm that takes into account environmental factors when it’s toasting your bread. That included ambient temperatures, the internal temperature of the toaster itself and how long it’s been in use, if you’re on a toast-making marathon. Basically, once you’ve settled on a dial-based setting that suits you, leaving it there will result in the same toast every time. At least, that’s the theory.

Dualit’s founders have said “This Dualit patented technology calculates each variable in the toaster, from room and toaster temperature to how many slices it has toasted or how long it has had to cool.” Which sounds great in theory but we’d love to test if for ourselves.

Source: Pocket Lint via Digital Trends


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