One little update and voilà – DualShock 4 controllers can now be used wirelessly with your PS3


PlayStation fans should be happy to learn that one of the latest updates for the PlayStation 3 allows users to use the latest and greatest DualShock 4 controller without resorting to tethering the PS4’s controller to the console via USB, the only option that was previously available.

Unfortunately the controllers can only be used as generic controllers, which means no vibration and motion features, and also the more cutting edge offerings of the DS4’s are off the table. For now at least. We can only hope that the latest update is the beginning of better future compatibility between Sony’s older and newer console.

Users can get their DS4’s working by accessing the “Accessory Settings” menu found through the Manage Bluetooth Devices option on the PlayStation 3 dashboard.

Source: Reddit via Polygon


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