Microsoft’s wearable could be mostly fitness-centric, with some smart features


Some fresh details concerning Microsoft’s apparently-incoming wearable device, coming by way of WinSuperSite, have surfaced (pun intended). According to sources who have spoke to that website’s Paul Thurrott, Microsoft is going to be taking aim at the fitness market rather than a straight shot at the smartwatch arena with their wearable.

The wearable, which still hasn’t been named, will consist mostly of fitness apps and functions – along the lines of Samsung’s Gear Fit, Jawbone’s UP24 and FitBit’s range of products. It will, according to the sources, have some notification features nonetheless, so it’s a crossover sort of device.

The source claims that the wearable might be making its appearance on the market towards the end of this year and it should be priced around the same as Samsung’s comparable wristwear. As for branding, it might launch under the Lumia or Surface labels but which one (if either) isn’t set in stone yet.

Source: via Engadget


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