Now TrackingPoint doesn’t need to look at a target to hit it with a rifle

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We’ve kept an eye on smart firearm manufacturer TrackingPoint ever since they first showed off their smart rifles to the world at large and we’ve seen them do some impressive things with a technologically-advanced weapon. They’ve just shown off yet another development with their firearms that is venturing into video game territory and the video above shows it off pretty well.

TrackingPoint have used Android and a Google Glass-like interface, which is built into a set of ski goggles, in order to mark and then hit a target, in this case a bottle filled with explosive powder, without actually looking directly at it. The feed from the smart scope fitted to the weapon streams to the user, allowing them to perform the operating without needing to face the target at all.

The implications for this, in terms of hunting, would be overkill – we can’t think of a situation where you’re going to want to shoot an animal without actually looking at it. In a military context though, things change. It might be possible to outfit TrackingPoint’s system to a remote weapon, letting soldiers do accurate battle from, say, the inside of a tank or some similarly shielded location.

Source: via Engadget


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