Can’t get enough GoPro? Say hi to the Dual Hero


You’ve done ALL the 360 backflips (on a motorcycle) and caught every glorious moment on film, as well as a few inglorious ones. What’s next for the person who has done everything that their GoPro has to offer? How about recording in 3D, something that is now an option thanks to a brand new casing from the action camera company.

Called the Dual Hero, GoPro has launched the dual-camera casing so that users will be able to record their antic in 3D but the downside to this is that you’ll need a second GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition to insert into the case along with the first one.

The way that the casing works is that you’ll have the two Hero3+ units next to each other, with one of the cameras placed upside down. The spacing between them allows for actual 3D recording while the casing contains all the bits needed to operate them at the same time.

Once the action is over, the footage can be edited to work with anagylph glasses (included with the casing) using GoPro’s Studio software or tweaked to output correctly on a 3D TV. We’re just surprised that it’s taken GoPro this long to get something like this going.

Source: SLR Lounge via Digital Trends


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