Security-conscious Blackphone ships, goes on sale again in mid-July for R6,700


As of yesterday the Blackphone, a smartphone that has been designed with privacy and security in mind, has begun shipping to those buyers who picked it up on pre-order the first time that it was available. If you missed it the first time around, it was quickly sold out and the companies behind Blackphone, Geeksphone and Silent Circle, had to suspend sales until more stock became available.

In the announcement stating that early adopters would be getting their handsets soon, the folks behind Blackphone also gave a date for the reopening of pre-orders for the device. If you’re looking to get your security on, you’re going to have to be ready to click on 14 July. Remember, fastest fingers first.

The Blackphone is a 4.7-inch smartphone, which uses a custom Android-based operating system and a host of security features created by Silent Circle to keep the info on the handset as secure as possible.

It’s not all about the software though, Nvidia’s Tegra 4i chipset, a 2GHz quad-CPU, 16GB of storage and 1GB of memory will keep users up to speed. LTE and other connectivity options, suitably secured, are also present and accounted for. So, if you’re worried that someone is spying on your personal communications, give the Blackphone a look in. The price? Around R6,700 in local dosh.

Source: Blackphone (store) via PR Newswire


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