Hyundai Genesis can spot speed cameras – and keep you under the limit


There will be a time in the not-so distant future when we won’t have to spare a single thought for driving.

Cars will become robotised Google taxis and we’ll be able to enjoy a particularly taxing Candy Crush Saga session on the monotonous slog to visit the in-laws. Hyundai hasn’t quite unveiled the self-driving car – but the upcoming Genesis saloon has the next best thing; it will not only alert drivers to near-by speed cameras but also gently apply the brakes should you fail to heed the bleeping warnings.

The new Genesis uses GPS to locate the speed cameras and then employs the radar-based cruise control system to adjust speed accordingly.

Take a Brake

A warning sound will first inform the driver that he or she is approaching a speed trap, another will sound if they continue to travel over the signed limit and finally, the brakes will be applied to avoid triggering the infamous flash of a Gatso camera.

Static speed cameras and average speed areas will be easily detected by the built-in GPS system but mobile speed cameras and highway patrol will require an element of driver diligence should they wish to avoid points on the licence.

The luxury saloon is heading to market soon and it’s said to rival the likes of Mercedes with an array of innovative driving tech that comes as standard.

Blind spot detection, lane-keep assist and radar-controlled emergency braking will come as standard, but dreams of Candy Crush sessions behind the wheel will have to wait a few more years.

Source: ExtremeTech


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