Taking your work home with you: Adobe Photoshop Express now available on Lumia phones


It’s been a long time in coming but Nokia/Microsoft’s Lumia smartphones have finally gotten access to Adobe’s Photoshop Express app. The newly-launched app is now available on South Africa’s Windows Phone app store as a free app, with certain features being available as an in-app purchase.

Any Lumia running Windows Phone 8.1 with 512MB of RAM will be able to run the Adobe software, which has quite a few features available out of the box. Basic editing and red-eye removal, brightness, exposure and shadow adjustments and colour slider controls are part of the default app, as is a set of filters for use on social media. Instagram food images will never be the same.

Other content, like Adobe’s Looks Pack and Noise Reduction Pack, will cost you if you’d like to make use of those functions but Facebook and Instagram integration is standard, of course. It’s about time Windows Phone joined the likes of Android and iOS in having access to some Adobe-created editing.

Source: Microsoft, Nokia SA


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