Olympus wants you to be a better photographer, launches series of tutorial videos

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Olympus is hoping to make the average photographer into a better photographer, while punting their hardware at the same time, with a series of YouTube videos that the company calls Anywhere Classroom.

The videos, the first of which you can see above, feature National Geographic photographer Jay Dickman giving advice on how to capture better images. The first video, concerning landscape photography, is somewhat light on advice but two others, based around shooting wildlife and nature photography, are more effective at improving prospective shooter’s skills.

Olympus’ video series isn’t just about how to shoot certain subjects better though, they do take the opportunity to extol the virtues of their photography gear at frequent intervals but that doesn’t detract from the tips and tricks that the company is offering through the first few videos. You’re just getting some extra advertising at the same time.

You can catch the ongoing series here (link).

Source: via Digital Trends


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