LG will release consumer version of Google’s 3D-mapping Project Tango tablet in 2015


Just weeks ago, Google announced plans to ship a tablet development kit (pictured) for its Project Tango 3D-mapping tech later this year, with no promise that it’d ever actually be released as a consumer product. Now we have some clarity on that last point.

At the I/O development conference, Google revealed that LG intends to release a proper Project Tango-equipped tablet in 2015. No word yet on when in the year or how much more than a typical tablet a Tango-ready version will cost, but it’s cool to know now that we’ll actually be able to use this tech at some point.

In addition to today’s announcement, Google released the clip below, which digs into what Tango is capable of, the types of people from all sorts of technical disciplines that are working on it, and what kinds of challenges they still face.

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It’s a very interesting look into this curious tech, and perhaps worth it alone to see a man biking through Zurich with a large phone strapped to his head.

Whether or not the project will yield something of interest to the average consumer remains to be seen. As interesting as the tech is, it might prove a better fit for researchers and developers and the like rather than everyday users, but no doubt there are intriguing things happening here.

Source: The Verge


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