Asus’ smartwatch has a September 2014 target date


More on the wearables front, with everyone making their plays for a piece of the smart wristwear pie. One of the entrants-to-be is Asus, a company that has previously stated their intentions concerning the release of a smartwatch. Now, a new report from TechCrunch claims that September this year is when the company wants to launch their tech upon the world. So to speak.

Citing a source “…familiar with the company’s plans”, TechCrunch says that Asus is looking to release an AMOLED-wielding smartwatch that could have some interesting features. Gesture control is one that has been hinted at in the past, though there’s uncertainty as to whether this device – whatever it turns out to be – will feature something along these lines.

What is more clear is the price point that Asus will be going after: cheaper. As in cheaper than the Android Wear devices that are about to issue forth from the South Korean juggernauts LG and Samsung. The pricing, converted from American currency, is supposed to be in the R1,100 to R1,600 range and that, for a smartwatch, could be a very good deal.

Source: TechCrunch


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