Ride like a Master Chief with this Halo motorcycle helmet prototype

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Microsoft’s Halo protagonist Master Chief is set to make the jump to roads everywhere at an unspecified time next year when collectibles company NECA finalises and releases a motorcycle helmet based around the iconic Spartan’s headgear.

They’re only showing off the sculpted prototype so far, having decided to reveal their plans to coincide with the Halo: The Master Chief Collection game announcement from E3 this year, but it’s looking good enough to satisfy fans as well as long-time riders. When completed, the faceplate and visor will lift together in order to give the rider some air but we’re not sure who would want to expose their face while wearing something like this.

Odds are that, even though the Master Chief helmet will be D.O.T.-approved when it eventually releases, more than a few will find their way into the hands of cosplayers and convention goers. It looks that accurate.

NECA haven’t got pricing on the helmet yet but they’re going to have buyers no matter what the cost. As for local availability, we suspect this is going to be one of those import-only items for a while.

Source: NECA via Digital Trends


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