Glastonbury music festival will be getting WiFi-enabled cows


Don’t panic, these are not going to be real cows lugging around wireless hotspots as they wander through masses of festival-goers. Though, on reflection, that would be a far more interesting sight than what is actually planned. One of the UK’s largest music festivals, the Glastonbury Festival, will be rolling out enough internet access and other technology-related improvements during this year’s event to keep concert attendees happy.

The internet access is noteworthy because British ISP EE will be providing free 4G internet access that will be broadcast from fiberglass cows dotted around the event. The cows will, of course, be life-sized and the internet coverage provided will be for anyone within range with a mobile device.

EE will also be working with a company called Cash on Tap to allow Glastonbury attendees to use their smartphones to pay for items at the even, provided the sums paid are under £20 (R365), which should cover a round of drinks at a time. Also planned for the Glastonbury Festival is an official app, which will have live-streams of BBC coverage, social media integration and news and updates on the musical outing.

South Africa has seen similar technology implemented at some live events in the past, though the WiFi cows are definitely a new thing.

Source/Image: via Digital Trends


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