According to Google, there are a billion of us using Android


Google’s annual developer’s conference, Google I/O, started yesterday and it’s official. Android is taking over the world.

Sundar Pichai, Chief of Google’s Android and Chrome divisions, was on stage at the conference yesterday and he revealed that one billion people across the globe are active Android users, up from last year’s 900 million.

Other staggering statistics Pichai shared included that Android phones are checked about 100 billion times, around 93 million selfies are taken and that 20 billion text messages are sent. What’s best about this? Everything Pichai mentions happens every day.

That’s not the only part of the tech market that Google is dominating. According to Pichai Google’s tablet sales have grown from 46 to 62 percent in 2013-2014, Chrome has 300 million active mobile users every day and the Google Play Store’s app installs are growing by 236 percent year over year.

Android’s dominance in the technology world seems almost assured then, and the only question that remains is will Google be a benevolent overlord?

Source: The Verge


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