Withings’ new Activité looks more like a watch than a fitness tracker


One of the problems with fitness trackers is that they look like fitness trackers. Withings’ newest addition to their product lineup, the Activité, and it looks more like a Swiss wristwatch than what it really is: a fitness band.

The Activité has a sapphire glass display, so it should be fairly scratch-resistant, and the metal casing’s design comes by way of French and Swiss watchmaking companies. Which explains why one of the two sets of arms on the watch actually tell the time, while the inset single analogue arm provides you with a quick overview of your fitness goal for the day.

But there’s more to it than just the pretty surface. It’ll track your distance, whether you’re walking, running or swimming (switching between each depending on how you are moving), monitors your sleep habits and also has a vibration function to wake you from sleep. The same vibration function notifies users that goals have been reached.

The Activité is compatible with the Health Mate app and the glass display reacts to taps, for if you want to see what time the alarm is set for.

It’s set to be available in the States for $390 (R4,150) but it will only hit the market later this year. It’s looking good so far though.

Source: Digital Trends


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