SkyTran planning elevated transportation network in Tel Aviv by 2015


Admit it, you only clicked on this story because of the Futurama image reference but that’s only to be expected when a company is planning to make a futuristic transportation system. A company called skyTran, which is based in California in the States, intends to make an elevated magnetic rail transportation system that is intended to help ease traffic congestion.

The system, which will have two-man cars or capsules running on a magnetic track, will first consist of a 500 metre loop at the Israel Aerospace Industries campus before skyTran rolls out a more commercial option for the wider city of Tel Aviv. The campus-based closed track will apparently be running by 2015 – or at least, that’s the plan.


SkyTran is hoping to prove the technology with the smaller aerial rail system and, based on the success of the Israel Aerospace Industries pilot project, a wider rollout could happen. There’s no denying that having an elevated transportation system will free up some space on the ground. Hopefully this is the first step on a road to fulfil our cartoon ambitions and actually travel without a container surrounding us. In some sort of clear tube, for preference.

Source: BBC


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