Google Glass is getting a RAM upgrade


Everybody seems to want one, though Google’s Glass has only been available to a select few, branching out from the original users to those in the States who could afford it. Then, this week, Google made Glass available in the UK but they’re not stopping there.

Next up? A hardware upgrade, in the form of an additional 1GB of RAM for a total of 2GB. The upgrade joins previous hardware updates that improved Glass’ battery life and voice search function, as well as several software updates and should see the eye-mounted tech performing better than ever.

However, The Next Web points out that, unlike previous upgrades, current Glass Explorers won’t be able to trade in their existing hardware for an improved model this time around. So, if you’ve got one and you’d like a better one, you’ll have to take the purchase route. Apparently.

Source: The Next Web


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