Bull Horns hopes to crowdsource crime prevention in SA – with an app


Technological South Africans now have an app-based solution to fighting crime in South Africa in the form of Bull Horns, an app that has been designed and launched locally with the intention of alerting the cops and/or friends and neighbours in the event of criminal activity in your area.

Bull Horns is basically a panic button for your smartphone that can be used to contact the police or any other emergency contact specified silently in the event of a break-in, either via a phone call or SMS. If you happen to live in a close-knit community, they can be notified as well and, if your neighbours are nice folks, they can jump into action and block off exits with vehicles, hopefully detaining or delaying criminals until the cops show up.

We haven’t had a chance to test the app in action and, frankly, hope that we never actually need to but Bull Horns, developed locally by App Developer Studio, seems like a good idea for getting help in the event of a break-in. It hasn’t had an official launch, though it’s available for Android and Apple devices already.

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The app is now available on both Android (link) and iOS (link). According to App Developer Studio MD Rob Maclean, the majority of the app’s users so far are based in the States, even though it has been designed for use in South Africa.


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