Spice up your next road trip with an app called RoadTrip


Anyone who is serious about their road trips will know that the playlist is just about as important as making sure that the fuel tank is full and that’s where the developers of RoadTrip Mixtape, a new app designed to take the work out of creating a playlist, want to help you out.

To get the app to generate your playlist, you simply put in your planned route, say from Jo’burg to Cape Town, and RoadTrip will scan songs posted on Spotify by users living in the areas you travel through. These tracks can then be put on your playlist.

The idea is great, but you should expect a rather varied grouping of genres when you use the app, so don’t expect a lot of consistency. But let’s face it, that’s all part of the fun. In SA, where the Spotify coverage is rare, it might result in a fair amount of radio silence as well.

You can check out the RoadTrip Mixtape here.

Source: Engadget


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