Fitbit Surge, Fitbit Charge and PurePulse outed by trademark application


Activity tracker maker Fitbit has applied for three new trademarks, suggesting a triple whammy of new products are on the way.

The trademarks are for “Fitbit Surge”, “Fitbit Charge” and “PurePulse” (no Fitbit branding on that last one), and under the listing for each is a range of relevant category descriptions that give some indication of what they may relate to.

Under Fitbit Surge are terms that suggest it might be a fitness tracker focussed on running: atmospheric conditions, altimeter, pedometer, GPS, sleep tracking and the display of incoming calls and messages are all mentioned. The Fitbit Charge listing contains a similar set of terms minus the GPS and atmospheric conditions functions, which indicates it might be a more entry-level option.

The PurePulse is a different prospect altogether, with mention of “optical heart rate sensors” – interesting because Fitbit has yet to release a product capable of tracking heart rate. It’ll be wrist-based and able to display “time, date, heart rate, calories burned, activity, intensity, and exertion”. As mentioned, there’s no Fitbit branding in the trademark, but that could be simply because Surge and Charge are actual words in their own right and thus will only be trademarked when used in combination with “Fitbit”.

Fitbit has not confirmed any upcoming trackers, and of course it’s entirely possible that these trademarks will never become commercial products – but don’t be surprised if you see these three appearing on the scene in the coming months.



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