Twitter acquires video editing and posting outfit SnappyTV


Facebook has added another new fruit to their tree, announcing the acquisition of a company called SnappyTV. The company, which is based in San Francisco, specialises in video editing for upload to social networks and Twitter intends to use the company to “…make it easy for TV broadcasters, businesses, and event producers to share high-quality videos”.

The result is that you might see more video clips popping up in your Twitter feed in future, in whatever form Twitter deems appropriate. In the past, it’s been used to post highlights from sports games and news so we’re not really looking at it being used for anything too commercial.

SnappyTV’s development won’t just be staying on Twitter, the company says that they have broader plans for the platform than that. They “…also plan to maintain our partners’ ability to post high-quality videos to other platforms.”

“Our goal is to help publishers quickly share great moments from events so people can experience those moments as they happen.”

Source: Twitter via Engadget


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