See the initial rays with the Infamous: First Light E3 video, due this year

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Infamous: Second Son‘s Fetch must have proved quite popular with gamers when the third Infamous game launched on the PlayStation 4, given that Sony and Sucker Punch have elected to make her the subject of the prequel DLC (downloadable content) that is due to launch on the PS4 soon.

Here you can check out the teaser video for Infamous: First Light, which takes place before the events that led Second Son protagonist Delsin to go on a superpowered spraypainting rampage through Seattle. While the earlier release covered some of Fetch’s backstory, as see through Delsin’s eyes, First Light will put players into Fetch’s shoes as she relives her past and how she wound up inside the Conduit prison at Curdun Cay. Oh, and you’ll be trying to break out of there as well.

Infamous: First Light doesn’t have a firm release date yet but we can expect it in August this year.


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