The thin and curvy Moment smartwatch wraps a full QWERTY keyboard around your wrist


Smartwatches are a dime-a-dozen these days. From notification alerts to measuring your pulse, the space on your wrist has never been so… smart.

The latest entry into the wearables arena, is the Moment Smartwatch. Well, sort of.

It’s more of a stainless steel bracelet than a watch. Curving around your entire wrist at only 0.9mm (thin thanks to a flexible E Ink display), it offers enough room for a full QWERTY keyboard, letting you reply to messages and missed calls with more than just a few paltry preset options.

Preset messages are still possible however, and you can control music playback as well as other smart connected devices like lightbulbs too.

Unlike other smartwatches which require charging after a week at best (and two days at worst), the Moment promises to last thirty days on one charge, eliminating one of our biggest gripes with wearable devices.

While we can’t imagine typing out full emails on its display will be particularly comfortable, it’s nice knowing that the option’s there. You know, for those occasions when you’re tied up with your phone hidden in a secret pocket. It happens to the best of us.

The Moment has the standard motion sensor and Bluetooth 4.0 capability we’ve come to expect from all smartwatches, and it offers the ability to read messages on the inside of your wrist for privacy. Which is nice.

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Sadly, the Moment is nothing more than a concept for the time being. Co-owner of Momentum Labs Ray Fischer has however told Venture Beat that R&D on the Moment is 80% complete, and it’s looking to raise $300,000 on Kickstarter on 24 June to transform it from concept to reality.

While it might lack extras like a heart rate sensor, we think that those looking for a smartwatch that’s easy on the eyes with stamina to match will find plenty to like about the Moment, assuming it ever sees the light of day.

Stay tuned to see if it ever makes it into our hands. We’ll be sure to let you know what we think of it, if and when it does.


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