Highly limited edition Ferrari F12 TRS leaks, with a huge price tag (and maybe KERS)


Images have leaked of a new Ferrari, an evolution of one of the company’s F12 Berlinetta, have leaked online and the vehicle is supposedly going to be a one-off from the company. Given the rumoured price tag, it’s not too hard to understand why.

The car, which will apparently be dubbed the Ferrari F12 TRS, has reportedly cost $4.2 million or, in South African money, around R45.3 million. So what makes this vehicle so special as to justify the bonkers price tag, aside from the visual changes to the roof and bumpers?

Well, the limited nature of the F12 TRS, for one, as it is thought to be a custom vehicle from the Ferrari Tailor Made program. But there is also talk that Ferrari has outfitted the car with KERS (the Kinetic Energy Recovery System), the same tech that is used on F1 vehicles. KERS captures energy from the vehicle’s braking and transfers it to an electric drive, which should boost the car’s overall power. Yes please.

Ferrari recently trademarked the F12 TRS symbol, according to Digital Trends, so the naming convention makes sense. It remains to be seen whether the KERS technology is actually making an appearance in a road vehicle, however costly it may be, and what the actual engine specs are. And who the lucky buyer with deep pockets is.

Source: GT Spirit via Digital Trends


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