Hexo+ is the autonomous drone that wants to film you while you do dangerous things


There is a new development in the world of drones, and it’s causing quite a stir. Called the Hexo+, it is capable of autonomous flight, which it does quite well, and coupled with a GoPro, it means it can film you doing all the dangerous things you do without needing a cameraman or drone operator on standby.

Developed to help extreme sport enthusiasts film their exploits without hassle, the Hexo+ determines your location via its app on your smartphone, and can then follow you at a maximum distance of 50 metres (or closer), and you won’t be able to outrun it either, as the Hexo+ can reach speeds of up to 72km per hour.

It also has a rather nifty emergency landing setting that is engaged when your Hexo+ loses connection or power, so you never need to wave it goodbye as it flies away into the sunset.

So far you’ll only be able to get the Hexo+ on Kickstarter, on which it received its R542 057 ($50 000) funding target in the first few hours after its campaign went live. It is funded R5 797 433 ($534 678) at the time of writing and there’s a stretch goal in place for if (or rather when) it hits $1 million in funding.

Check out the vid to see what the developers have planned for the future of extreme sports filming.

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