The rise of the edible drone – Meet the Chocolate Copter


Okay so maybe people aren’t clambering over themselves to make drones that you can eat but there is at least one person out there has decided to make an edible drone, as evidenced by the video above.

The video shows the process of creating the drone. Obviously the working parts can’t be constructed out of delicious chocolate, because it’s hard to conduct electricity through confectionary, but the whole body of this drone, including the landing skids, is made from sweets. Chocolate is popped into a mould, with the motors and other components that need to be embedded in the body placed in beforehand with the props and battery added once the whole setup has cooled completely.

We wouldn’t give good odds on the Chocolate Copter surviving a crash but its very nature means that it could be considered disposable. It’s quite something to see a sugary quadrocopter taking flight though, and it’s even capable of recording video before being landed and eaten.

Source: via Engadget


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