So pretty… : See Grand Theft Auto V’s current PS3 visuals running next to the coming PS4 release

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The best way to find out if something new is better than the whatever-it-is that it’s replacing is to put the two next to each other and see which one works better. Gaming is the obvious focus for a tactic like this, what with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One being, technically, still in their infancy and what better way to see the performance gains than with one of last year’s best-selling games.

That seem to be the thinking of Digital Foundry, who do this sort of thing a lot. In their video above you can see a side-by-side comparison of the Grand Theft Auto V trailers with the game running on the PS3 and the PS4. In case you’re one of the few that didn’t play GTA V, the early trailers were a pretty accurate benchmark for the game, which turned out to be one of the best looking titles – given its sheer size- on the last generation of consoles.

So what can you expect with the newer versions of GTA V? The video speaks for itself but you’ll notice improved animations, textures, lighting and reflections and, as is typical with the PS4, better particle effects all round. Keep an eye on the smoke and dust movement in particular.

Source: Digital Foundry (YouTube) via Digital Trends


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