Goal-line technology used for first time in football World Cup history


France has become the first World Cup team to reap the benefits of FIFA’s new goal-line technology, which was employed for the first time during their Football World Cup match against Honduras yesterday.

Goal-line tech has met it’s fair share of opposition against its deployment, with opponents citing expensive roll-out costs, and that the technology might alter football’s fundamental gameplay.

In this case the tech helped with a rather challenging call. France’s Karim Benzema’s shot bounced off the left goal post, and rebounded off the Honduras’ keeper and into the goal.

From our vantage point the call seems easy, but on the field it is another matter entirely. So it would seem that the technology is helping the refs give accurate calls, ultimately contributing to the sports’s overall gameplay.

Check out the Vine clip to see the play that necessitated the use of goal line technology.

Source: The Next Web


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