Meet the aquatic HoverBoard, the closest we’re going to see to an actual hoverboard

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We’ve been after an actual, working hoverboard ever since that Back to the Future movie and it looks as though we’re getting close. If you’re done drooling over the aquatic tech in the video above, we’ll give you a little background on this particular HoverBoard.

The creation of French jetski champ Franky Zapata, the HoverBoard is a relative of the FlyBoard which is a similar take on doing silly things in the water. The difference is that this board, which trails a large nozzle for reasons that are made apparent in the video, can be ‘surfed’ on thin air. Provided you’re over a large expanse of water, that is.

The HoverBoard uses a jetski’s water exhaust to lift riders into the air and is capable of speeds up to 38km/h. We severely doubt that newcomers will be shredding as smoothly as the riders in the video without a bit of practise but it just looks so darned… fun.

If you want your own, they’re up for pre-order at the moment. It’ll set you back around R63,000, minus shipping and import costs.

Source: via The Verge


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