Get the world’s largest 4K TV for a cool R18 million


Nobody can deny that with TVs size is an issue, as in the bigger the better, and it seems that is exactly what the folks at Titan, a British company, had in mind when they built a TV.

The TV, aptly called Zeus, stands 9.39 metres with 4K resolution and has a feature that allows you to watch 20 channels at the same time, and it also handles indoor and outdoor equally well. For all this, it does come with a price tag befitting its stature: about R18 200 000.

So far Titan have made four of the monstrosities, of which two have already been sold. One of the Zeus sets will be up at the Cannes film festival, where it will be showing FIFA World Cup games for nearly all the world to see. No matter where they happen to be.

The one thing we can’t wrap our head around is where we would put one of these Zeus units. Or how much the insurance payments would cost. Or just how rough it would be to move house while owning one of these monster TVs. But Zeus is probably how you’d define the words ‘home cinema’ now and that’s worth something. Someone get out the copy of Mario Kart, we have a brilliant idea.

Source: Gizmodo


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