Fresh from E3 is Destiny’s Gameplay Experience trailer

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Halo-creator Bungie’s next big project is Destiny, which is set to launch later this year, with an open beta of the open-world co-operative shooter kicking off in July. At this year’s E3 event, Bungie released a fairly long look at what players can expect when the game drops and, based purely off this video, it’s got us quite excited about the future of multiplayer games.

Hit up the video above for an explanation of the world of Destiny, with a voice-over from Bungie co-founder Jason Jones

The covers everything from bases of operation in the game to what players can expect from missions, exploration, PvP (there’s a competitive multiplayer mode coming) and co-op play. The strong suit here seems to be customisation and the ability to swap the character that you’ve customised between an array of game modes and activities – which will give Destiny a very personal touch in the long run.

The gameplay video also teases the end-game, which features something called the Vault of Glass, which is “…the most challenging experience we’ve [Bungie] ever created.” Sounds like fun. Challenge accepted.

Source: Bungie (YouTube)


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