5 (digital) ways to ready yourself for some World Cup action


Chances are, if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool football fanatic, that you’ve already armed yourself with apps and bookmarks that will augment the time you’re going to be spending (late, late at night we might add) in front of your favourite method of viewing sports for the next few weeks. But maybe you’re new to this, perhaps you’re only partaking in the mania for the big event or maybe you’re not used to the idea of keeping up to date with the scores as and when they happen.

Well there are a couple of ways that you can stay abreast of the scores. You can glue your eyes to Twitter and other social media but you run the risk of spoiling a game that you’re intending to watch at a later stage. It’s a far better idea to get the scores, updates and results on your own terms and that’s where we come in.

Here are five ways that you can keep up-to-date with all of the latest action without having to shield your eyes on social media (which some of us will be skipping altogether until the finals have played out). Whether it’s something mobile so you can check before bed (or before getting out of bed) or something a little more in-depth during a lunch-break, here are some of your best options.

SuperSport AppSuperSport

How about we start things off a bit closer to home? DStv’s SuperSport app, available to phone and tablets of all shapes and operating systems, will provide you with live updates of the Brazilian football action, as well as highlights and – if they are feeling generous – perhaps a live match or two for their Premium subscribers. Convenient if a match happens to be taking place during work hours (not bloody likely) but you’ll also be able to just lie in bed on a cold winter’s night imagining those poor players melting in the South American sun. Damn we wish we could join them for some live footy. In the sun. Also, SuperSport’s app will give you updates of all those other sports we can’t bring to mind this week for some reason.

Android, iOS

FIFA AppFIFA Official

Or you could get your facts, figures, fixtures and everything else directly from the horse’s boot, so to speak. FIFA isn’t missing any tricks and the official app has been updated to give access to everything that is going to be going on on the other side of the world, football wise. FIFA’s app has match alerts, voting options for Man of the Match, a series of playable games and player and team profiles for you to pore over during half-time. If you’re looking for up-to-date… er… anything from this year’s World Cup, FIFA’s official portal should probably be your first port of call. Oh, and did we mention that the FIFA app is giving users a chance to win the kick-off ball from this year’s event?

Android, iOS

Forza Football AppForza Football

If you’re a football nut, you’re probably going to want to get your hands on the Forza Football app for use outside of the World Cup in addition to following the action in Brazil. It’ll give you updates on the play taking place on the world stage but there’s the added benefit of Forza following over 420 football leagues worldwide as a standard thing. There’s also a strong social element to this one, so you can comment, argue, and otherwise punt your favourite players and teams with other fans around the world. Even if you’re following the most obscure league on the planet. But not now, now you need to keep track of Brazil, with one eye on the finals.

Android, iOS


Fixtures, facts, tablets, group results and live updates concerning the World Cup event in Brazil are all at your fingertips in this one-stop football shop (except it’s not going to cost you… anything). WhoScored adds a little more to your desktop, laptop or mobile browsing experience by offering stats of the past performances of teams competing in this year’s Brazilian event and there’s also a whole lot of news up concerning the runup to this evening’s kick-off. You can be sure that they’re going to be following anything you might want to know about the FIFA World Cup until it concludes. Plus, there space for a little ‘spirited’ discussion to boot. Be nice.


442 Stats442 Stats Zone

Have we saved the best for last? You know, we might just have. 442 Stats Zone has it all, fixtures, results, statistics and news, all collected in one place. So far, so much of the same stuff that everyone else has. But what should be grabbing your attention is 442’s Digital Guide to the World Cup, which has everything else about the beautiful game that you never knew you needed. Information on the history of the event, the current venues, in-depth player profiles (and players to watch) as well as details on what sort of technological innovations have gone into the Brazil-hosted event are enough to keep you busy from now until the mid-July final. When you’re not busy watching the game live, that is.


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