SwiftKey for Android is now available free-of-charge


If you’re thinking of adding a third-party keyboard to your Android smartphone, chances are that the first one that comes to mind is SwiftKey, one of the oldest and best-rated keyboard alternatives on Google’s Play Store. Now you have a chance to try it out for yourself, assuming you were uncertain about plonking down cash for a feature that ships with your phone by default.

That’s correct, SwiftKey have dropped the price of their Android keyboard. A more accurate description is that they’ve dropped the price from their Android keyboard, since it’s now completely free-of-charge.

Don’t get too bummed if you’re one of those who paid for SwiftKey in the past though, you’ll be getting your hands on a theme-pack instead, according to Engadget.

The updated version of the app will be adding in a SwiftKey store where you can purchase themes for they keyboard, includes a massive collection of Emoji (800 in all) and adds a number row to the keyboard replacement.

Source: Google Play via Engadget


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